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Most of the readers of ethnic-china that are thinking in visit Tibet would consider this travel as an opportunity to immerse themselves in the Tibetan culture.

Due that most of the travel agencies consider easier redirect their clients to hotels of well known international brands or China star-star rated hotels, locally opened and managed hotels sometimes are in disadvantage, though most of them can provide the ethnic traveler with an incomparable travel experience.

During my short visit to Lhasa in May 2010, I make some inquiries among the Lhasa Tibetan, visiting the more recommended places.

  The First Courtyard of Yabshi Phunkhang Heritage Hotel  

Yabshi Phunkhang Heritage Hotel. In the northern part of Lhasa Old City. Opened in an historical preserved building, provides the travelers with an unique environment, a delicate mix of Tibetan and modern styles. With most of its 22 rooms around a quite courtyard, a nice roof bar and Tibetan restaurant, is one of the best Tibetan lodging options.

House of Shambala is a small boutique hotel Tibetan style. With only 9 rooms of different sizes occupying its three floors, exquisitely decorated in Tibetan fashion. Every room is different, but all share a sense of good taste. It has a meditation room and a roof bar.

  Stairways of House of Shambala  

Trichang Labrang Hotel is less sophisticated than these two. With its rooms opening to a beautiful courtyard, nicely decorated in local style. It is situated in the southern part of the Old City.

There are many small hotels and guesthouses in the Old City of Lhasa where the traveler can enjoy an authentic local atmosphere, some of them lacked the minimum level of comfort most of the western travelers expect on the Roof of the World, others will be listed in future postings.

  Suite of Trichang Labrang Hotel  

Near the southern limit of the Old City lies the Dekang Hotel. The hotel is in a new building, and it can host small groups. The decoration, restaurant and staff are friendly Tibetan. Comfortable rooms and good breakfast.

Yabshi Phunkhang. Beijing east Rd (Opposite Yak Hotel). Tel: 0086 891 6328885. yabshiphunkhang@gmail.com www.yabshiphunkhang.com

House of Shambala. 7, Jiri er xiang. Tel: 0086 891 6326533. info@shambalaserai.com www.shambalaserai.com

Trichang Labrang Hotel. Lupug, 5th lane, gate 11. Tel: 0086 891 6309555/ 13989 993186. Trichanglabrang@hotmail.com

Dekang Hotel. Shengtai rd. Tel: 0891 6306555. jigwang2009@yahoo.co.in

  Lobby of Dekang Hotel  


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