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Chinese characters

Family of characters 欠 qian
Family of characters 欠 qian

 欠 qiàn – yawn; owe/ short of, lacking. The upper part evolved from the pictogram of an open mouth. A person人with an open mouth is yawning, or trying to compensate for the lack of air. 欠缺    qiànquē – lack/ be deficient of (lack + lack) 欠债    qiànzhài – owe a debt...


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Ethnic groups

The wonderful culture of the Jinuo
The wonderful culture of the Jinuo

Hidden in the tropical mountains of China’s southern border lives one of its most interesting minorities: The Jino nationality. With a population of only 21,000 people they are one of the less known ethnic groups in China, who in the past were often confused with the...

Chinese culture

A Taoist exorcism séance
A Taoist exorcism séance

'My friend is going to conclude an exorcism service this morning and, if you are really so interested, he hopes you can come and witness it.' He paused uncertainly. 'But I must warn 86 you that it is not a pretty sight. Really it is most unpleasant, disgusting and...

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