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Chinese characters

Family of characters 欠 qian
Family of characters 欠 qian

 欠 qiàn – yawn; owe/ short of, lacking. The upper part evolved from the pictogram of an open mouth. A person人with an open mouth is yawning, or trying to compensate for the lack of air. 欠缺    qiànquē – lack/ be deficient of (lack + lack) 欠债    qiànzhài – owe a debt...

Ethnic groups

Childbirth in Naxi culture
Childbirth in Naxi culture

The rituals performed at birth suggest that in the Naxi traditional thought the entering of the Sv life god in a person is a gradual process developed during the last term of pregnancy and the first days of life, and that this process is considered complete in a first...

Chinese culture

Buddha as a true man: a different tale
Buddha as a true man: a different tale

In the fourth chapter of India in the Chinese Imagination: Myth, Religion, and Thought (edited by John Kieschnick and Meir Shahar, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014),  Nobuyoshi Yamabe contributes an article (Indian Myth Transformed in a Chinese Apocryphal Text:...

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